Stream XIV

20 April 2018

From my collab stream with Jose I added the details of the mouth piece, arms and shoulders


Going live

13 April 2018

Tonight I´m doing the Sphere Challenge:

  • Sculpting from a sphere using just sculptris pro
  • No subtools
  • Part of the sphere must remain intact

Im live streaming in Pixologics:





10 April 2018

This was the first sculpture I did during the beta of Zbrush 2018 

I didnt finished the character but I really liked the look of my red wax material in black and white

Stream XI

30 March 2018

So this was my first stream using the new features of Zbrush 2018

For this creature I wanted to make a Kaiju but end up bein a mix of :




Stream X

20 March 2018

A render of the creature I did in the stream which it's been a collab with Jose Rosales, Im calling it done at least from my side of the sculpture I could have added more details but it already feels saturated

Also I made a Paint over of the look Im thinking for the creature 

Stream IX

16 March 2018

On this Stream I wanted to make one of those japanese tattoo tigers I found it hard to turn into 3D at the beginning.

Making History

13 March 2018

I worked the last months with the amazing team of KSP for the first expansion of the game "Making History"

This is one of the images I helped to create in collab with the rest of the team, you can find the game and its expansion pack in Steam :)

Stream VIII

09 March 2018

Collab stream I do with my friend Jose Talamas 

- I modified again the head and changed the body and legs

-I also created a backstory for the character since its some type of  space praying mantis it will be a bounty hunter that collects some other alien heads to eat

Stream VII

08 March 2018

Tonight at 8pm Los Angeles  time I will be doing my first streaming of the month in the Zbrush twitch channel :) (English)

Baby Demogorgon

02 March 2018

Baby Demogorgon (D'artagnan) I made for the  Aaron Sims Redesign Contest in Instagram :)