Stream LXXX

General / 27 March 2020

For this stream I wanted to do one of my fav enemies from the original Doom (my favorite game) 

The cacodemon , I tried to do an updated look without changing the design.



Original spite  

  And the stream :D

Stream LXXIX

General / 20 March 2020

A very quick stream but at the end of it I used a filter in zbrush that I created during the beta of 2019 so it gives me that 2d look

Then did a rough paintover

Original Render  


And the stream :D


CoronaVirus Demon

General / 18 March 2020

I added some more details to the sculpture I did some weeks ago in my streaming

A demon version of the CoronaVirus

Old one


General / 13 March 2020

Kapala (tibetan skull) + Mickey Mouse



General / 06 March 2020

For this Stream I did a Demon Version of the CoronaVirus :D

Wacom Interview

General / 24 February 2020

Stream LXXV

General / 07 February 2020

Shrek is Love , Shrek is Life

My own version of Shrek done during my streaming

Stream LXXIV

Work In Progress / 24 January 2020

For my thursday´s streaming and inspired by baby Yoda I created baby Cthulhu



General / 17 January 2020

For this stream I did a quick tribute to the mexican wrestler  (Luchador) "La Parka"

Stream LXXII

General / 13 January 2020

For my streaming from last week I did a :

Psephurus Gladius or Chinese Paddle fish , an fish that apparently went extinct and it became the first animal to go extinct from 2020

I had some technical issues while doing the streaming and couldnt finish as detailed as I wanted.

The streaming