3D Scan Huaca Pucllana

General / 17 January 2019

During my trip to Peru I took several pictures for photogrammetry purposes.

This is a Pre Incan burial site in Lima Peru in the Archeological site of Huaca Pucllana

Photogrammetry has been in my things to do list for several years so Im going to start doing it more often :D

Stream XLII

General / 11 January 2019

Neko Cat 

Yesterday´s Streaming

Tomorrow I celebrate my first year doing streamings for Pixologic 


Sculptjanuary 2019

General / 08 January 2019

Day 2 - Delight


Sculptjanuary 2019 I

General / 04 January 2019


Day one: Deep Sea

Stream XLI

General / 28 December 2018

Last stream of the year :D

I wanted to do something between Evangelion and Warframe

Have a happy new year!


El último stream del año :D

Quería hacer algo entre Evangelion y Warframe

Feliz Año Nuevo!


Stream XL

General / 27 December 2018

MIB alien I did in my streaming last week :)

Stream XXXIX

General / 14 December 2018

Granma gave Timmy a puppy as a surprise for Xmass but inside the puppy was another surprise



General / 07 December 2018

Egypian Dragon thank to everyone who came to my streaming I had a lot of fun and your suggestions were great!

I stream every Thursday at 7pm PT (Los Angeles) or 9pm (Mexico)



General / 06 December 2018

Ive been sculpting in my free time some more details of my mix between pikachu and a xenomorph 

Dead Centinel

General / 30 November 2018


Based in the illustration of Otto Dix