Stream XXVI

General / 13 July 2018

I did this in my latest stream, sadly I wasnt able to spent on it a lot of time.

The theme was "Demon Knight" it was randomly selected from the suggestions in my Instagram story :)

Eye Meme

General / 10 July 2018

Joining a little late the #eyememe trend lol

Stream XXIV

General / 06 July 2018

Hey so this is what I did in my stream yesterday. I wanted to be part of #drawthisinyourstyle and also do something different so I decided to sculpt @crystalbeastie 's character

Dante Alighieri

General / 05 July 2018

Test Im now working on the hair Ive been playing with this project for a long time so Im going to finish it so I can try again with another human

Stream XXIII

General / 29 June 2018

From my stream in Zbrush live that is a collab with José Rosales

This time instead of dividing the character we decided to just sculpt over the same character without boundaries.

José started by doing an alien looking creature and I took it into a weird direction :)

My idea is KFC doing genetic modification into human/chicken hybrids to get more meat 

Super Pet Challenge

General / 26 June 2018

Yesterday I did a quick sculpt and texture for the Sketchfab contest "Super Pets"

I wanted to make a fire breathing parrot

Stream XIX

General / 22 June 2018

I wanted to do something different (female anatomy) during my last stream so I made a Succubus out of a sphere.

Thanks a lot to everyone who came by to say hi! 


Alebrije Coyote

General / 18 June 2018

Stream XVIII

General / 11 June 2018

In my latest stream I started sculpting my Robo-Honda from Street Fighter that I did for the Character Design Challenge

  Original Illustration


3D Artist issue 120

General / 06 June 2018

Im suuuper thrilled to share some of the work I did on the Beta of Zbrush 2018 in the new issue of 3D artist,

Also being among my friends and  amazing artists its a real honor to me :D

Go check the new issue for a chance to win a licence of Zbrush 2018 for free :o