Tiger and the Dragon

General / 15 January 2021

My first streaming of the year :D

    Original Artwork by @Gemmaroman

Creatunary - FishMan

General / 10 January 2021

My take on Fish man
Im doing some of the Creatures from Creatunary2021, I wont do the entire month but the ones Im doing are meant to be quick /concept art


Chinese PaddleFish - Psephurus Gladius

General / 29 December 2020

Render in Blender Clycles Render of my Chinese PaddleFish - Psephurus Gladius an extinct animal from 2020 and one I sculpted at the beginning of the year in  Zbrush

Stream XCIX

General / 22 December 2020

Streaming from the 10th of December
Third streaming working on my Krampus :D


General / 22 December 2020

I forgot to share something I did during my streaming the 3rd of December

Stream XCVII

General / 27 November 2020

Streaming a Meso American creature.

Stream XCVI

General / 20 November 2020

Stream XCV

General / 06 November 2020

We are in that weird place between halloween and Christmass  so Im sculpting my own Krampus :D
I wasnt able to stream during october but Im back :D


General / 03 November 2020

I did the tomato character around a couple of months ago, its fun to see the final ad :D

Agency : Mr Woo

Studio: Detonante Films

Happy Halloween

General / 01 November 2020

Happy Halloween 🎃 I love doing this renders for the game Harveston Mobile (check it out ) :D

Madison Jones did the paintover and Leticia Mercado the art direction