General / 08 mars 2019

My stream ended in a very abrupt way because my computer crashed

Its just a wip for the Ring of Elysium Challenge in CG Society

Concept Art Test

General / 02 mars 2019

Im about to finish my tutorial of using 3D for Concept art  and I wanted to put in practice the techniques I show so I did a test.

This is still a wip I will be taking it further but it was also a nice way to keep playing with lightning.



He estado trabajando en un tutorial que usa principalmente 3D para hacer concept art y quise poner en practica lo que muestro en el tuto asi que hice esta prueba. Aun es un wip pero lo estare terminando.

Stream XLVII

General / 22 février 2019

Medusa I did during my streaming. 

Sadly Im having issues with my computer so I havent been able to do big renders :( 

The render was done in vray , it looks a little noisy for the same issue :(

Stream XLVI

General / 08 février 2019

Batman Beyond that I sculpted in my streaming

Stream XLV

General / 01 février 2019

Pinocchio sketch I did in my streaming

Burial site on Huaca Pucllana

General / 26 janvier 2019

During my trip to Peru I was able to do a scan of this Burial site on top of the Huaca Pucllana pyramid on Lima Peru. Although the pyramid was constructed by the Lima Culture , burial sites belong to the Huari culture

Stream XLIV

General / 25 janvier 2019

Sorry to everyone who was watching my streaming yesterday, my computer crashed and the streaming stopped so I wasnt able to add details to my Troll Queen but it was a really fun streaming thanks to everyone on the chat for your suggestions.


Stream XLIII

General / 18 janvier 2019

I had this Mickey Mouse in my head for a long time so I decided to do it during my streaming yesterday :)

3D Scan Huaca Pucllana

General / 17 janvier 2019

During my trip to Peru I took several pictures for photogrammetry purposes.

This is a Pre Incan burial site in Lima Peru in the Archeological site of Huaca Pucllana

Photogrammetry has been in my things to do list for several years so Im going to start doing it more often :D

Stream XLII

General / 11 janvier 2019

Neko Cat 

Yesterday´s Streaming

Tomorrow I celebrate my first year doing streamings for Pixologic