Stream XIX

General / 22 June 2018

I wanted to do something different (female anatomy) during my last stream so I made a Succubus out of a sphere.

Thanks a lot to everyone who came by to say hi! 


Alebrije Coyote

General / 18 June 2018

Stream XVIII

General / 11 June 2018

In my latest stream I started sculpting my Robo-Honda from Street Fighter that I did for the Character Design Challenge

  Original Illustration


3D Artist issue 120

General / 06 June 2018

Im suuuper thrilled to share some of the work I did on the Beta of Zbrush 2018 in the new issue of 3D artist,

Also being among my friends and  amazing artists its a real honor to me :D

Go check the new issue for a chance to win a licence of Zbrush 2018 for free :o

Honda - Street Fighter CDC

General / 02 June 2018

I always wanted to participate in the challenges of the Character Design Challenge group on facebook

This month the theme was Street Fighter so I decided to redesign Honda as a fighting robot, which I will be making in 3d in my next stream this thursday :) 


Podcast "El Colectivo"

General / 30 May 2018

Hola les traigo el segundo episodio de nuestro Podcast "Colectivo CG"

Esta vez entrevistamos a alguien que ha sido muy importante en la comunidad de habla hispana, Juan Garcia " RoBot"

 Jose Rosales Mariano Ruiz Manzano Ramiro Rafael Uli GH Eder Jarquin Mario Anghello Cortés  Queremos agradecerle a el por apoyarnos con tiempo para la entrevista y a todos los que nos dieron feedback en el primer episodio. 


General / 29 May 2018

I made this little poached rhino in oculus medium, I was aiming for a clay sculpted look since it was for sketchfab´s Claymation character contest :)

"A little Rhino that lost his horn in the hands of Poachers and now has made a new one with clay"

Stream XVII

General / 25 May 2018

For my lastest stream I wanted to make a redesign of the Spider Master Mind from the original Doom

I decided to do some quick concepts of the different faces  

I will continue to work  on it  





Stream XVI

General / 24 May 2018

Yesterday during my stream I worked on my entry for the Magic Wheelchair contest.

You can find more info about the contest here:!-Magic-Wheelchair-Comic-Con-Contest


Thunder cats Roar

General / 22 May 2018

I decided to make a fan art from the  reboot from the cartoon Thunder cats
I saw there was very negative response just because its a different style and more goofy looking.
But I really hope the shows does well.
When Teen Titans appear a lot of people said the same thing and that show its amazing!

The final render files/ 3d bust for printing and some other goodies will be available in my patreon