KSP International Space Station

General / 27 October 2020

Render I did for KSP for the 20th Anniversary of the ISS


Calling all Kerbonauts! We’re partnering with NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration to celebrate 20 years of human presence on the International Space Station What would 20 years of Kerbal presence look like? Read for details.  #SpaceStation20th
Send us a time-lapse video of Kerbals doing spacewalks, science experiments, eating snacks, and everything in between aboard your most accurate recreation of the ISS over its 20-year lifespan. We’ll choose our favorites based on accuracy and creativity. How?
On November 2, join ISS expert Dr. Gary H. Kitmacher for a Reddit Ask Me Anything where they’ll comment on the engineering accuracy of the top submissions, and answer your questions about #SpaceStation20th and if Kerbals are really out there in space 
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