Blog :D - 3D sketchbook

General / 03 December 2017

Yeahhhh I´ve been waiting for the blog feature for a long time and its finally here :D

I've been doing daily sketches in Zbrush for the last 5 months so each week I will ulpoad my new pieces here also with some of the ideas behind each one, if you would like to see em in daily basis you can follow me in Instagram

Pharaoh - Osorkon I 

I also want to add some back story to the things I create so the idea behind this one is the "theory" of Aliens creating the pyramids, for some of the pieces I do a quick look dev render and paint over them  

Santa´s Elf  (Looks more like a Goblin but Im not expert)

WWI French Soldier 

I´ve been haunted by the idea of a WWI short film for a long time so this is the best way to get it out of my system