General / 07 May 2020

My entry for the #MrNunezChallenge 



General / 26 April 2020

Gargoyle I did during my streaming last week

After doing the rendering I did a paintover and changed the design a bit so I have a second version


General / 23 April 2020

Ive been feeling kinda stuck lately and I think I´ve been investing way too much time in doing fast sculptures.
So Im using the quarantine  to not only work on anatomy but also sculpting with less speed and more care.


Stream LXXXI

General / 12 April 2020

Second pass on my Cacodemon fan art from Doom

Stream LXXX

General / 27 March 2020

For this stream I wanted to do one of my fav enemies from the original Doom (my favorite game) 

The cacodemon , I tried to do an updated look without changing the design.



Original spite  

  And the stream :D

Stream LXXIX

General / 20 March 2020

A very quick stream but at the end of it I used a filter in zbrush that I created during the beta of 2019 so it gives me that 2d look

Then did a rough paintover

Original Render  


And the stream :D


CoronaVirus Demon

General / 18 March 2020

I added some more details to the sculpture I did some weeks ago in my streaming

A demon version of the CoronaVirus

Old one


General / 13 March 2020

Kapala (tibetan skull) + Mickey Mouse



General / 06 March 2020

For this Stream I did a Demon Version of the CoronaVirus :D

Wacom Interview

General / 24 February 2020