General / 08 August 2020

My take on Venom
Current sculpture

Re worked the old model from 2018 and did a paintover to see posible changes on the design

Model from 2018

Stream XC

General / 07 August 2020

Yesterday Streaming
I wasnt sure what to sculpt so I started by doing the skull of a hippopotamus and this was the result


General / 31 July 2020

For this streaming I asked in instagram if I should do something creepy or cartoon. Cartoon won so I did  the character of La Muerte designed by Ulises Alvarado LLamas who did this redesign from an old mexican movie called "Macario"


Original work by



General / 24 July 2020

Redesign of a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica, the idea was to mix the old designs with the ones from the reboot


General / 21 July 2020

Small bear I did during the first class of my Zbrush workshop.


Star Wars Door

General / 19 July 2020

3D scan I did from a door in Disney Galaxy´s Edge and rendered in Blender.
I still havent cleaned the scan so it has a lot of noise on certain parts


General / 16 July 2020

Face anatomy practice


General / 12 July 2020

I love listening to horror stories while working, I was inspired by some ghosts stories about the "Black palace of Lecumberri" an old building in Mexico city that was used as a jail for 70 years. So that was the idea behind the streaming :D


Original render from the streaming


General / 26 June 2020

Fanart of the Fungisaurs

  Original Fungisaur by Aiman Akhtar


Dino Rider

General / 14 June 2020

My entry for the Character Design Challenge of this month and what Im gonna be sculpting in my next streaming