RIP Stephen Hillenburg

General / 27 November 2018

Stephen Hillenburg, Creator Of ‘Spongebob Squarepants,’ Dies At 57


General / 23 November 2018

From yesterdays streaming , it was supposed to be a mix between a Lion and a Robot (because of the Lion King new trailer) lol

So I went with the militar looking cuadruped



General / 09 November 2018

Since next 11 of November will be the 100th Anniversary of the end of The First World War I wanted to make one of Otto Dix´s Illustrations

Still I have plenty to go but hopefully will be able to finish it before sunday :D


Original Illustration by Otto Dix (Dead Sentry)


Stream XXXVI

General / 03 November 2018

Latest stream

Stream XXXV

General / 30 October 2018

Pikachu + Xenomorph

Stream XXXIV

General / 22 October 2018


General / 17 October 2018

The theme of this stream was "Steampunk Cartoon Girl"  

Harpy WIP

General / 16 October 2018

The original head was the first thing I did during Zbrush 2018´s beta



Inktober - Flowing

General / 11 October 2018

Inktober - Precious

General / 11 October 2018