Stream #128

Work In Progress / 11 October 2023
I made this during my stream this week using a scanned pumpkin as starting point

Stream CXXI Gundam

Work In Progress / 22 March 2023

Stream XCIV

Work In Progress / 05 March 2022

Stream - Nopal

Work In Progress / 20 August 2021

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Pixelatl I wanted to sculpt one of the characters  from this year poster designed by  Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua.

Si tienen la oportunidad asistan al evento Pixelatl este año sera online y estan celebrando su 10mo aniversario y es sin dudas de los mejores eventos que hay.


Stream CIX

Work In Progress / 13 August 2021

Stream CVIII

Work In Progress / 30 July 2021

Skeletor I did during my streaming

Stream LXXIV

Work In Progress / 24 January 2020

For my thursday´s streaming and inspired by baby Yoda I created baby Cthulhu