General / 06 September 2020

This morning I did a streaming with Sesiones Crad and some amazing artists.
We had 2 hours to do something witht he theme "Hero"

Stream XCII

General / 04 September 2020


General / 03 September 2020

Working on and old project while listening to the different talks from Pixelatl

Tutorial - Retopologia en Zbrush 2021 Español

General / 25 August 2020

Hola! les comparto un nuevo tutorial que subí sobre como hacer retopologia en Zbrush 2021  Espero les guste, el personaje de Fallguys lo hicimos durante un stream en el mismo canal  


Stream XCI

General / 21 August 2020

I had this idea lingering in my head for a long time


General / 08 August 2020

My take on Venom
Current sculpture

Re worked the old model from 2018 and did a paintover to see posible changes on the design

Model from 2018

Stream XC

General / 07 August 2020

Yesterday Streaming
I wasnt sure what to sculpt so I started by doing the skull of a hippopotamus and this was the result


General / 31 July 2020

For this streaming I asked in instagram if I should do something creepy or cartoon. Cartoon won so I did  the character of La Muerte designed by Ulises Alvarado LLamas who did this redesign from an old mexican movie called "Macario"


Original work by



General / 24 July 2020

Redesign of a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica, the idea was to mix the old designs with the ones from the reboot


General / 21 July 2020

Small bear I did during the first class of my Zbrush workshop.