Stream XV

General / 18 May 2018

From yesterday's stream

The alien character that Im doing in collaboration with José Rosales.

I changed the shape of the arms and the things on the forearms.

Also defined the shape of the abdomen

You can watch the past streams here



Stream XIV

General / 04 May 2018

From yesterday´s stream 

Im working this character in collaboration with Jose Rosales.

In this Exquisite Cadaver Im doing the Jaw, arms and belly :D



Keyshot Chavant Material

General / 26 April 2018

I added a reward on my patreon, a Keyshot 7 clay material


Agregue una recompensa en mi Patreon, un material de arcilla para Keyshot 7


General / 25 April 2018

Hi! I started a podcast (podcast is in spanish) with some friends that are also amazing artists

Hola acabo de empezar un podcast en español con unos amigos que ademas son increibles artistas, pueden escuchar el primer episodio aqui:








General / 23 April 2018

Last month I went to LA to assist a Masterclass  from the "Aaron Sims Creative"

It was 3 amazing days that we spent the day learning in the studio their workflow, tricks, and receiving feedback on our portfolios.

During the second day we were tasked to redesign the AI from their shortfilm "Tank".

I wanted to make literally a robot tank I did a skecth in my tablet.

 I will be finishing the modeling soon and then I will start working on the textures and lastly rigging 

The video from "Tank" that was showed to us takes place in a rooftop of LA so I did a render and paint over on a similar location.

Original sketch


Stream XIII

General / 20 April 2018

From my collab stream with Jose I added the details of the mouth piece, arms and shoulders


Going live stream XII

General / 13 April 2018

Tonight I´m doing the Sphere Challenge:

  • Sculpting from a sphere using just sculptris pro
  • No subtools
  • Part of the sphere must remain intact

Im live streaming in Pixologics:





General / 10 April 2018

This was the first sculpture I did during the beta of Zbrush 2018 

I didnt finished the character but I really liked the look of my red wax material in black and white

Stream XI

General / 30 March 2018

So this was my first stream using the new features of Zbrush 2018

For this creature I wanted to make a Kaiju but end up bein a mix of :




Stream X

General / 20 March 2018

A render of the creature I did in the stream which it's been a collab with Jose Rosales, Im calling it done at least from my side of the sculpture I could have added more details but it already feels saturated

Also I made a Paint over of the look Im thinking for the creature