Harpy WIP

General / 16 October 2018

The original head was the first thing I did during Zbrush 2018´s beta



Inktober - Flowing

General / 11 October 2018

Inktober - Precious

General / 11 October 2018

Inktober - Star

General / 09 October 2018

So I decided to use Inktober to learn how to use Quill,  today was "Star"

I know its not ink but who cares?

Its been years since I did any 2D animation so far its super fun! 


Stream XXXII

General / 05 October 2018

First of the collab stream with Jose Rosales that I will be doing on this creature/character in the Pixologic Channel


Stream XXXI

General / 21 September 2018

From yesterday´s stream 

Parasite :D


Kid Mostro

General / 19 September 2018

Im helping organize a contest based on kid illustrations.

We gather almost 200 drawings from different kids  and I decided to participate to with this one.

Still a wip 


General / 13 September 2018

Done for the Wacom Dragon Contest


General / 10 September 2018

I did a Ivory Oni Netsuke for a Sketchfab´s contest  

Stream XXX

General / 01 September 2018

So Im not sure if its my 30th stream or the 29th

I decided to participate in the Weekly CG Challenge, the theme for this week was Spherical Character

So I decided to make a Rollie Pollie Knight

"Sir Crawls alot"

*Thanks to Lemendi0r for the name hahahaha