Stream LXIII

General / 20 September 2019

Stream LXII

General / 18 August 2019

The idea of this stream was to do something "creepy" Im going to work more on this creature but after the streaming I did a render in Keyshot and a paintover in photoshop

Stream LXI

General / 09 August 2019

Sketch I did during my streaming with the theme "International Cat Day" 

Original Illustration done for the "Character Design Challenge" 

"Ninja Cat"

Dante WIP

General / 01 August 2019

A wip of Dante, I'm going to work a little more on the textures and do some shading work. This is a take on the xoloitzcuintle  from Coco

Based in the illustration of Ana Ramirez 

Stream LIX

General / 12 July 2019


General / 09 July 2019

Its been some very busy weeks but Im finally getting some free time to do personal work besides working on "Clara"

This is a  Scan from a wall in machu picchu, in cusco peru.

Stream LVIII

General / 28 June 2019

During my streaming yesterday I wanted to do something with the theme "Freedom" I didn't had enough time to sculpt the hands so that's why he is wearing boxing gloves

Stream LVII

General / 07 June 2019

Yesterday stream was a special one not only it was 6 of June but I did something different this is a fanart of the new album of Sabaton "The great War"  I still need to add details to the sculpture but hopefully will be able to finish it before the album comes out :)  

Stream LVI

General / 31 May 2019

Last day of may so my last chance to enter Mermay challenge, I did a cute mermaid  during my stream yesterday 

Again there were some issues in facebook while streaming but on twitch and youtube evertything was fine

Stream LV

General / 18 May 2019
Last thursday´s stream was my second Sculpt battle with my friend Jose Rosales , we are each sculpting a Samus fanart designed by Ian Barker