General / 03 November 2020

I did the tomato character around a couple of months ago, its fun to see the final ad :D

Agency : Mr Woo

Studio: Detonante Films

Happy Halloween

General / 01 November 2020

Happy Halloween 🎃 I love doing this renders for the game Harveston Mobile (check it out ) :D

Madison Jones did the paintover and Leticia Mercado the art direction 


General / 30 October 2020

Ive been working with the sculptor Francisco Esnayra to create digital copies of his sculptures.

So far the only one published:


KSP International Space Station

General / 27 October 2020

Render I did for KSP for the 20th Anniversary of the ISS


Calling all Kerbonauts! We’re partnering with NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration to celebrate 20 years of human presence on the International Space Station What would 20 years of Kerbal presence look like? Read for details.  #SpaceStation20th
Send us a time-lapse video of Kerbals doing spacewalks, science experiments, eating snacks, and everything in between aboard your most accurate recreation of the ISS over its 20-year lifespan. We’ll choose our favorites based on accuracy and creativity. How?
On November 2, join ISS expert Dr. Gary H. Kitmacher for a Reddit Ask Me Anything where they’ll comment on the engineering accuracy of the top submissions, and answer your questions about #SpaceStation20th and if Kerbals are really out there in space 
We invite you to Tweet us your vids!

Stream XCIV

General / 02 October 2020

For this stream I asked for suggestions of what to sculpt , I received a lot of good ideas: Dinosaurs, Kaiju, Centipede, Voldemort
so I tried to mix them into one single creature

Stream XCIII

General / 18 September 2020

I wanted to do a cartoon character during my stream, this one its based in the work of Edino Israel

  Original Sketch



General / 13 September 2020


General / 06 September 2020

This morning I did a streaming with Sesiones Crad and some amazing artists.
We had 2 hours to do something witht he theme "Hero"

Stream XCII

General / 04 September 2020


General / 03 September 2020

Working on and old project while listening to the different talks from Pixelatl