Venom Update

General / 31 March 2021

Updated version of my take on Venom still WIP

Stream CII

General / 26 March 2021

Creepy Daruma done during my streaming yesterday

Stream CII

General / 26 February 2021

I worked a little more on this sculpture during my streaming


General / 31 January 2021

Hi I did a redesign of Sauron for the #CharacterDesignChallenge
My take was that after loosing his ability to shapeshift his body ends up deformed

Stream C

General / 22 January 2021

This was my stream number 100 in the Zbrush live Channel
so for this streaming I sculpted a Rat kid mid transformation

Tiger and the Dragon

General / 15 January 2021

My first streaming of the year :D

    Original Artwork by @Gemmaroman

Creatunary - FishMan

General / 10 January 2021

My take on Fish man
Im doing some of the Creatures from Creatunary2021, I wont do the entire month but the ones Im doing are meant to be quick /concept art


Chinese PaddleFish - Psephurus Gladius

General / 29 December 2020

Render in Blender Clycles Render of my Chinese PaddleFish - Psephurus Gladius an extinct animal from 2020 and one I sculpted at the beginning of the year in  Zbrush

Stream XCIX

General / 22 December 2020

Streaming from the 10th of December
Third streaming working on my Krampus :D


General / 22 December 2020

I forgot to share something I did during my streaming the 3rd of December