Stream LVII

General / 07 June 2019

Yesterday stream was a special one not only it was 6 of June but I did something different this is a fanart of the new album of Sabaton "The great War"  I still need to add details to the sculpture but hopefully will be able to finish it before the album comes out :)  

Stream LVI

General / 31 May 2019

Last day of may so my last chance to enter Mermay challenge, I did a cute mermaid  during my stream yesterday 

Again there were some issues in facebook while streaming but on twitch and youtube evertything was fine

Stream LV

General / 18 May 2019
Last thursday´s stream was my second Sculpt battle with my friend Jose Rosales , we are each sculpting a Samus fanart designed by Ian Barker

Doris Day

General / 15 May 2019

I wanted to do a small tribute to Doris Day in a different style


The "Baby Face" killer

General / 09 May 2019

No stream tonight :( but some weeks ago after finishing some cute projects (among them my IP Clara) I wanted to blow some steam off  and did a quick concept of an idea I had for a serial killer.

Andrew Prokofiev also known as  Andy Baby Face


Esta noche no hare streaming pero queria compartir algo que hice hace unas semanas, despues de terminar algunos proyectos para niños (entre ellos el pitch de mi serie Clara) queria desahogarme y decidi hacer algo que fuera mas oscuro.

Andrew Prokofiev tambien conocido como   Andy Cara de Bebé

Stream LIV

General / 03 May 2019

Tomorrow will be May the 4th so I wanted to do something star wars related during my streaming and sadly the 30th Peter Mayhew  passed away, who was the original actor that played chewbacca

This had to be the most difficult sculpture I have done during my streamings


Stream LIII

General / 26 April 2019

I wanted to participate in the contest organized by the kickstater project "Hardcover" , the theme was Pinup Easter bunny

So during my stream yesterday I did the base of the character 

Ancient Robot

General / 25 April 2019

Ancient robot I started some weeks ago during one of my streams , the idea was to do a robot that looked like an African statue , something that you could find in a museum 

I started this project during one of my streams, you can watch the saved video here:


Mexican Dragon

General / 20 April 2019

I had this idea during one of my streams some months ago, Im planning to do a collection of dragons from different countries 

I already started with and "egyptian dragon"  (Still work in progress)

And this is my mexican Dragon based on an Axolotl and  one of my favorite animals an Alligator snapping turtle

I finished the retopology and started working details, I still need to do the scales and textures 

If you missed the original stream you can watch it here:


General / 13 April 2019

Its been some time since I took illustrations from artists I follow on instagram and make them in 3D my #2D23D

So for this one I did a sculpture based on the illustration of Dante the dog from Coco, done by Ana Ramírez @florecitasdelcampo